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   CabINN Scandinavia Hotel:
             Booking code:  BLKNSTPM 

   CabINN Copenhagen Hotel:
             Booking code:  BLKNSCPH

   Axel Guldsmeden Hotel:
             Bookings code:  1672435  

   Carlton 66 Guldsmeden Hotel:  
   Scandic Falkoner Hotel: 
   Scandic Copenhagen Hotel:  
   Avenue Hotel:   
   Copenhagen Admiral Hotel: 

*All estimates are in Danish Kroner per 1 evening stay

829DKK/1058DKK single/double with breakfast

829DKK/1058DKK single/double with breakfast,
894DKK/1123DKK Commodore single/double       

1595DKK double with breakfast

Approx. 1500 - 2000DKK
Approx. 1500 - 2000DKK
Approx. 1700 - 2000DKK
Approx. 1100 - 1500DKK
Approx. 2500DKK


Summer is a very busy season in Copenhagen and we recommend seeking accommodations as soon as possible!  We have pre-booked rooms at select hotels, or you can seek accommodations at a number of nearby hotels.

 Where To Stay

Transportation in Copenhagen
Copenhagen has a very efficient public transportation system.  We recommend downloading the DOT App to use the trains, metro, or buses.  Select the linked images to access the website and app.  -------------->

Tip: If you plan on using the public transportation daily, the 4 day (250DKK) or 5 day (300DKK) City Pass is recommended.  This includes metro to and from Copenhagen Kaastrup Airport.  

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